Bangkok Urban Community Club

Empower refugees and asylum seekers living in Bangkok with skills to find work build a community where refugees and asylum seekers can share their skills and talents with each other

BUCC's Mission

We believe that effective changes are made by working together. We have created the Bangkok Urban Community Club (BUCC) for all those who would like to contribute to bringing positive change in the lives of refugees and asylum seekers living in Bangkok.
We come together to learn from each other and provide support to develop new skills. Come and share your skills with others, and perhaps you can learn something new too! Join us and show your talent and potential.


For Our Future Activities, We Have Decided To Focus On The Following Areas.

1) Empower Refugees And Asylum Seekers Living In Bangkok With Skills To Find Work

Empowering refugees and asylum seekers with the right skills to find work is very important. BUCC will support this by providing opportunities to learn new skills by participating in different activities at the club. We aim to give refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok the opportunities to participate in the activities most relevant and enjoyable for them, and most likely to create positive change in their lives.. These activities were identified based on an online survey shared with different LINE groups of urban communities in Bangkok to complete. All the club’s activities will be managed and taught by refugees and asylum seekers themselves, as well as volunteers. Support will be provided by partner organizations, NGOs, and individuals.. BUCC members will learn: 1-Public speaking skills. 2-Communication skills. 3-Leadership

2) Build A Community Where Refugees And Asylum Seekers Can Share Their Skills And Talents With Each Other.

Sharing the talents of refugees and asylum seekers is the second goal that BUCC will focus on. We will provide the opportunity for refugees and asylum seekers to meet on a weekly basis and share their talents and skills with others, including fellow refugees and asylum seekers, as well as other members of the local community in Bangkok. This will also help to build the motivation and confidence of refugees and asylum seekers and help them to believe in their ability to identify and use every opportunity to create positive changes in their lives. This program also connects refugees and asylum seekers with each other, enabling them to learn from each other, and help those in need within their community. Additionally, this program can recognize the potential within this community and display this to the local Bangkok communities in a new and unique way.

3) Improved Health Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers In Bangkok

BUCC will arrange different sports programs for refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok that will help to build their fitness and improve their physical and mental health. By playing team sports together, there will also be an opportunity to build a stronger sense of team and to learn new skills together. We will also invite psychologists and doctors to volunteer with BUCC and provide health care assistance to our members.

4) Promote Teamwork And Understanding Between Diverse Refugees And Asylum Seekers.

The club will help create a common goal amongst refugees and asylum seekers from diverse backgrounds, different nationalities and genders. BUCC members will work collaboratively to make decisions about which activities to focus on and how in order to meet the members’ needs, building a sense of teamwork and common purpose.

5) Support Human Rights Within The Community.

In all of our work, we will reflect human rights and specifically those enshrined in Article One of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights: ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.’ We will work to ensure that everyone within the BUCC is treated at all times with dignity and respect and free from discrimination and prejudice. The opportunities we will offer will be open to all.

6) Celebrate Diversity

We will celebrate and promote the diversity of our members through our varied program of activities and working with a range of different partners.

7) Volunteer Leadership Development Opportunities For Refugees And Asylum Seekers

We will provide opportunities to volunteer for leadership positions within the BUCC, using fair, open and democratic processes to elect people for key positions within the club.

Formation of BUCC

Team officers can be any refugee or asylum seeker who volunteers to hold this position for six months and is elected by the club members to do so. The BUCC offers its supporters the chance to contribute to helping refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok to make a positive change in their own lives and to assist others to do the same. Many of these people have experienced suffering and are deeply committed to helping others, passing on the skills and the lessons they have learnt in their lives. The BUCC is honored to be able to act as a bridge between those who believe they have something to offer, and the refugees and asylum seekers living in Bangkok. Join the BUCC and help to contribute to building a better world. You and your skills are always welcome.....

See Our Structure in Detail

BUCC Survey

BUCC using this survey to understand the willing and comment activities between refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand and regarding the result of survey every six months and budge of BUCC we will make education plan. we see what they would like to study and it is all their choice . after submission of all the forms we see which class or which activities has the most demand among students and the next month we prepare that class for them, and also people can fill it here online .

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